Child Guards

Fitted around corner free standing woodburner with double wall brackets on side wall over stairs.

Fitted around open fireplace. Also suitable for insert woodburners and gas heaters.

More than a heater guard. Shown here as a three part Child Guard around a gas heater, bookcase and hi-fi equipment.

Shown with optional door within the front panel. Note that top and bottom rails of the Child Guard remain fixed. A simple sprung loaded catch secures the gate.

Special cut-outs etc

Best in the world?

From an email received from Canada...

"...I've looked around the world for a screen for our wood stove and yours is the best..."


A small bracket screwed to the wall and a simple clip attaches the Child Guard firmly in place. The Child Guard can be easily lifted off and folded flat for storage.

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We welcome you sending photos and measurements to assist us with your enquiry. Please include where you are in NZ and maybe your phone number.

  • Our Contemporary Child Guard is made to a British Standard (spacing of bars and no horizontals for climbing), and has a 15mm square steel tube outer frame with 5mm round vertical rods at 40mm centres. The standard finish is a Satin Black Powder Coating.
  • When measuring for your guard, we recommend that the front panel is at least 400mm from the door glass of the heater. This prevents the guard getting too hot, and for woodburners, enables the heater door to be opened enough for firewood to be loaded over the guard (for a guard with no door).
  • All guards stand 750mm high and come with small wall brackets, gib anchors and screws, so the guard can be easily clipped on and off and be folded flat for storage.
  • The guards can have an optional 580mm wide door that is within a panel - the top and bottom frame of the panel remain fixed.
  • All guards are custom made to order and delivery is normally two to three weeks.
  • We offer free delivery throughout the country.
  • We welcome you sending a photo of the area to help us spot any pitfalls and to talk you through the measurements required.

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