Metro Fires

Metro, NZ’s #1 Selling Wood FireMetro is a New Zealand owned business that is totally dedicated to the ongoing development of New Zealand’s #1 selling range of energy efficient and environmentally friendly wood fires.

Metro wood fires offer style, exceptional performance and longevity, presented in a compact stylish form at very affordable prices. Development and innovation did not stop at the wood fire; Metro’s revolutionary wetbacks and boiler systems overcome those ever increasing winter power bills for thousands of satisfied Metro owners.Metro, Dare to compare!

Are they New Zealand made and owned? 

Metro is proud to be 100% New Zealand made and owned, supporting local industry and New Zealand’s future.

How thick is the firebox? 

All Metro’s are 6mm, even the “Tiny” models. You will find some brands use 3mm, possibly because 3mm costs 50% less than 6mm!

Will they burn overnight? 

LTD model Metro’s have total responsive control of burn rate for overnight burning.

How much room do they take up? 

Compactness is a Metro feature, all models have minimal clearances and the “Tiny” models have the smallest floor protector of any New Zealand wood fire.

What about the guarantee? 

Metro wood fires come standard with an "unconditional" 12 month guarantee with a 5 year firebox guarantee which you can extend to 10 years for a small fee.

Can I have a wetback?

Most Metro’s can run wetbacks which will heat most of your hot water needs.

What do people say about them? 

Just ask around. You won’t have to look far to find a satisfied Metro owner! Metro is New Zealand’s No.1 selling wood fire.

What about price? 

Metro wood fires have exceptional performance and features at very competitive prices.

LTD or ECO Model?

National Environmental Standards (NES) came into effect throughout New Zealand on the 1st September 2005, placing stringent emission & efficiency requirements on all wood fires installed on properties with a land area of less than two hectares. As a consequence Metro make two different types, ECO and LTD Metro’s.

ECO/ECO DV Models 

ECO models have a design specification which differs to their LTD counterparts, with the emphasis on burning hot and clean. Metro’s ECO fireboxes utilise a secondary burn chamber and secondary air supply combination unique to Metro, which eliminates the ongoing and costly replacement of secondary air tubes used by most other brands.

Not only have all ECO models achieved Metro’s self imposed 1gm/kg in particulate emissions (NES allows 50% higher emissions of 1.5gm/kg), but most ECO models have also achieved compliance with the national standard tested with a wetback fitted.

Metro have released selected ECO Metro’s with DV (Direct Vent) options. This is the latest in combustion technology enabling all of the combustion air to be pre-heated to very high temperatures before it even enters the firebox. This provides greater combustion temperatures, lower emissions and higher efficiencies.

These Metro ECO DV models also allow you the option of connecting the combustion air supply to outside the home, further improving the heating efficiency within your home.

LTD Models

LTD Metro’s comply with AS/NZS4013:1999 and although this is still the current Australian & New Zealand emission standard, the National Environmental Standards (NES) takes precedence if nstallations are on properties with a land area of less than two hectares. LTD Metro’s can therefore only be installed on a property with a land area of two hectares
or greater.

A major feature of the LTD Metro’s is their responsive total control of burn rate with overnight burning capabilities. Independent testing recorded burn times and output which were set at a very low burn rate on a single fuel load of pine blocks. The results were quite remarkable, with 35kWs of energy being released over 22 hours, an average output of 1.6kW’s per hour.

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